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iRinger creates free ringtones and Text Tones for your iPhone from virtually
any music or video file you own. Even YouTube videos!
iRinger exports ringtones to iTunes, so there is no need to "jailbreak"
your iPhone. You will be creating ringtones in seconds. It's that simple.

  • FREE. Why?
  • Works with ALL versions of the iPhone including the iPhone 4
  • Three Steps: Import, Preview then Export. Done.
  • Convert virtually any media format into an iPhone ringtone (M4R)
  • Convert virtually any media format into an iPhone text tone (CAF)
  • Convert virtually any media format into MP3 format (for Android, etc.)
  • Rip and convert Audio CDs from your CDROM
  • Import directly from your iOS device
  • Download and convert YouTube videos
  • Choose which section of the audio you want to hear
  • Adjust ringtone length, volume, fade in, fade out and loop gap
  • Export to iPhone ringtone format and import right into iTunes
  • Export directly to your iPhone without using iTunes
  • Export using SCP/SFTP (SSH server required on remote device)
  • Use audio effects: Delay, Flanger, Boost, Reverse, etc.


Download iRinger
  • Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows (32 and 64 bit)
  • Requires firmware 1.1.2 or newer, iTunes software 7.5 or newer
  • Stand-alone application: no installing/uninstalling! more info...
  • iRinger Stand-alone Executable: iRinger.exe
  • iRinger Stand-alone Executable (Zipped):
  • Having trouble getting iRinger to the desktop? Use this simple installer!
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